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بلازما قطع دينر ,وحدة التحكم على اساس نظام ويندوز تصمم البناء قوى لتحمل السرعات العالية وع سلاسة المحركات دون اى اهتزازات
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Dear Miss Mathilde

Many thanks for your reply
we need AIR FED HELMET GYSMATIC 5/13 XXL but We need Qty 7


 - MAGYS 500 GR.              qty 10
      - MONOGYS 200 2CS.      qty  1
* are all machines with torch? 
* we need MAGYS 500 GR with WS 4R ref 034723
* the price include shipping until porsaid port in Egypt
*payment method with knowing that we want machines as soon as possible


* we will advertising for your company and we have skilled welder to prove efficent machines

* we will be carrying out advertising campaigns in addition to advertising campaigns driven with internet

* we will ensure that our propaganda reaches all welding workers whether from companies or institutions 

# finally 
we would like to reply with this remark 
we ask you for tow months during this period to recive any requests from customer inside Egypt for you convenience please let us know
after this period we will be keen to be authorized distributors in Egypt